The Why Behind Our Work: Casey’s Pond

Casey’s Pond is an inclusive community located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This non-profit, Eden Alterative® community offers skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living to over 100 residents.

Kristin Solawetz, registered nurse and infection preventionist at Casey’s Pond, sat down with the Telligen team to discuss what it means to be a four-time recipient of Telligen’s Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance award. She noted that it feels good to be recognized for their efforts to achieve high COVID-19 vaccination and booster rates for staff and residents. “It reinforces the value of quality for our community. Casey’s Pond is focused on doing what’s right for our residents and looking for ways to grow and improve. It definitely helps to let you know you are on the right track and to keep going strong.”

Telligen wants to recognize the efforts of nursing homes and senior care facilities. Casey’s Pond employees show a true dedication to the residents, community members and their work on a daily basis. “Don’t underestimate the value of a good team. Our staff has shown some exceptional endurance and perseverance in the last few years,” notes Solawetz. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges, providing quality care for the residents remained a top priority to Solawetz and others at Casey’s Pond.

“In contrast to other areas of healthcare, it is possible to experience so much more familiarity; you get to know the residents and families very well. We are guests inside their home. The lives they have lived are so full and it’s fun to hear stories and support them through another stage of their lives.”

As a partner in the Telligen QI Connect™ network, Casey’s Pond has access to resources and one-on-one enhanced technical assistance at no cost. Solawetz praises the objective support and no-pressure approach from Telligen quality improvement facilitators. “You can take as little or as much help as you would like without cost – how great is that? Telligen is easy to reach out to and is always prompt with their response.”

The Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance Award was created to recognize the challenges faced by nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic and to recognize those who achieve the following – staff up-to-date vaccination rates of at least 25%, resident up-to-date vaccination rates of at least 80% and a commitment to have policies, processes and ongoing staff education to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are proud to recognize facilities with this award who not only provide amazing care, but go above and beyond to ensure safety for their staff, residents and families.

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