Let’s Connect in Illinois

Thank you for joining us in Illinois for our in-person event on June 14!

Together we can inspire individual and collective community action to improve healthcare outcomes.

Data Walk Posters

Emergency Preparedness

Chronic Kidney Disease

Responding to the Opioid Crisis

Health Equity and Health Literacy

Improving Care Coordination

BEST in Class

Connect with the Telligen Illinois Team

Lynne Bergero

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Lisa Bridwell

Quality Improvement Manager

Tracey Durns

Senior Director Quality Improvement

Carolyn Dutton

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Sara Friel

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Nell Griffin

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Kim Law

Quality Improvement Facilitator

Mary Ann Miller

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Kara Rapien

Quality Improvement Facilitator

Betty Wendford

Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator

Meet the rest of the Telligen team here!

About the Telligen QIN-QIO

Telligen has been bringing together healthcare providers and community partners for more than 45 years to provide no-cost healthcare quality improvement expertise to people living and working with Medicare. Serving the states of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Oklahoma as a Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we’re harnessing the collective power of healthcare providers, communities and individuals to help drive improvement and change.

Telligen QI Connect™ is a network of partners working on healthcare quality improvement initiatives that are data-driven and locally-tailored to improve healthcare quality and outcomes by implementing and spreading evidence-based and best practices. Partners include nursing homes, clinicians, hospitals, community partners and patients and families who aim to make healthcare safer, more accessible and more cost-effective. Learn more here.

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