CMS Quality Conference Speaker Feature: Brian Feist

CMS Quality Conference

Telligen is honored to have been selected to host one breakout session at the CMS 2024 Quality Conference to demonstrate some of our work as a Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization. While the final presentation won’t be shared until the conference in April, below are details on Telligen team member Brian Feist and his session titled, “Strengthening Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness: Insights from Telligen’s Online Assessment Tool and Collaborative Strategies for Resilience.”

Telligen’s emergency preparedness clinical subject matter expert and lead, Brian Feist, BSN, RN, will discuss emergency preparedness in nursing homes, which is crucial for safeguarding vulnerable populations, especially amid the challenges resulting from the pandemic. Staffing shortages limit the ability to focus on preparedness, with 77 percent of nursing homes facing challenges preparing for public health emergencies and natural disasters, according to a recent OIG report.

Join Brian’s breakout session in-person or virtually on April 8 to learn about:

    • Lessons learned from 400+ completed assessments across a four-state region
    • Telligen’s collaboration with nursing home corporations to enhance testing, training plans and system-level awareness for improvement
    • Best practices to foster a culture of readiness and resilience, ultimately ensuring the health and safety of residents and staff during crises

About Brian

Throughout Brian’s healthcare career, emergency preparedness has been at the core. He worked in emergency management services for five years where he trained in incident command methodology and mastered the roles and responsibilities as a first responder. In a critical access hospital setting, he learned the importance of hospitals in relation to the community during an emergency event. At a level one trauma center, he began to appreciate the role of definitive care and the value of hospital triage policies. Even with Brian’s vast education and experience, he finds that there is still much to learn. “I appreciate the ability to continuously expand my knowledge and share my expertise here at Telligen.”

Brian’s passion for emergency preparedness is unmistakable. He believes that understanding core principles of emergency preparedness leads to a reduction in preventable mortality. Through the mitigation and preparation stage of the disaster management cycle, Brian demonstrates the opportunity to increase resilience as a facility and as a community.

“Understanding who needs to be involved and what contingency policies are in place is what saves lives – and that’s what healthcare is about. Caring for and protecting community members.”

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Resilient and Ready Together

April 8-10, 2024

Baltimore, MD

“Emergency preparedness is important for all healthcare facilities because disaster management is not an ‘on the job’ learning event. The work that is done in the planning process is where the magic happens.”

– Brian Feist, BSN, RN

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