Coalition Building Learning Labs

Coalition Building Learning Labs

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Our Coalition Building Learning Labs focus on helping you develop your leadership skills, whether you are leading a team, department, community coalition or leading change in any capacity.

We will introduce you to the LEAD! Leadership & Organizing in Action (LOA) framework and the skills you need to convene and collaborate effectively and efficiently. LEAD! LOA, based on the work of Marshall Ganz of Harvard University, is a framework and set of practices, skills and strategies for multi-stakeholder engagement, mobilization and coalition building. This framework recognizes – through direct experience with many change movements – that real change requires intrinsic motivation to activate both individual and collective action.


Join us every other Wednesday as you are able for training and coaching in six crucial leadership practices that enable volunteer, multi-sector efforts to build and sustain momentum and commitment to make large-scale change through shared accomplishments. While we follow a curriculum, the Learning Lab format allows flexibility to dive deeper into the skills and provide real-time coaching on specific challenges and situations:

  1. Creating a Compelling Motivating Vision
  2. Building Strategic Relationships with Strong Commitment
  3. Mapping Actors, Assets and Power to Influence Community Networks
  4. Designing and Launching Self-Governing Interdependent Teams
  5. Motivating Collective Action
  6. Coaching as a Leadership Practice


Whether you are a part of an established coalition, engaged in a collaborative effort, beginning to bring a group together, struggling to gain momentum or having a hard time knowing where to start, this series is for you. This series is open to clinicians and non-clinicians, medical and non-medical organizations, community-based organizations, patients, family members, caregivers and advocates – anyone wanting to improve health and healthcare in your community.

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