Stepping Into A New Era With Opioids: CDC Best Practices

Stepping Into A New Era With Opioids: CDC Best Practices

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Event Description:

Exploring the future of opioid utilization, this session will cover the major points in the newly updated CDC Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing Best Practices, with special attention given to differences between the updated and original documents.


Objectives of this event include:

  • Summarize the 12 recommendations contained with the 2022 Guidelines.
  • Contrast the approach taken by the updated Guidelines with that of the original.
  • Describe how the updated Guidelines will change your work in healthcare.


Denton Chancey, PharmD | Clinical Pharmacy Specialist with broad range of experience in pharmacy practice, including community, hospital and administration. Focused on improving medication safety, evidence-based practices, harm reduction and clinical quality improvement.


The webinar series is open to all, including physicians, APRNs, PAs, PharmDs, RNs and recovery workers.

*After the event, you can request presentation slides and other resources by emailing

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