Coalition Building Learning Labs

Coalition Building Learning Labs

Event Description: Our Coalition Building Learning Labs focus on helping you develop your leadership skills, whether you are leading a team, department, community coalition or leading change in any capacity. We will introduce you to the LEAD! Leadership & Organizing in Action (LOA) framework and the skills you need to convene and collaborate effectively and efficiently. LEAD! LOA, based on the work of Marshall Ganz of Harvard University, is a framework and set of practices, skills and strategies for multi-stakeholder engagement, mobilization and coalition building. This framework recognizes – through direct experience with many change movements – that real change requires intrinsic motivation to activate both individual and collective action.

Objectives: Join us every other Wednesday as you are able for training and coaching in six crucial leadership practices that enable volunteer, multi-sector efforts to build and sustain momentum and commitment to make large-scale change through shared accomplishments. While we follow a curriculum, the Learning Lab format allows flexibility to dive deeper into the skills and provide real-time coaching on specific challenges and situations:

  1. Creating a Compelling Motivating Vision
  2. Building Strategic Relationships with Strong Commitment
  3. Mapping Actors, Assets and Power to Influence Community Networks
  4. Designing and Launching Self-Governing Interdependent Teams
  5. Motivating Collective Action
  6. Coaching as a Leadership Practice

Audience: Whether you are a part of an established coalition, engaged in a collaborative effort, beginning to bring a group together, struggling to gain momentum or having a hard time knowing where to start, this series is for you. This series is open to clinicians and non-clinicians, medical and non-medical organizations, community-based organizations, patients, family members, caregivers and advocates – anyone wanting to improve health and healthcare in your community.

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