Give Your Nursing Home a Boost! Motivational Interviewing Series

Event Description:

Are you struggling with new ways to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and booster with residents, families and staff? Do you feel you have said it all and still face refusals?

Join us for a motivational interviewing series from June 7 through July 5 and learn strategies for navigating conversations with residents, families and staff who have low vaccine confidence or vaccine hesitancy. Refresh your vaccine discussions using motivational interviewing techniques and help others to make better informed decisions. This five-part series will demonstrate core skills you can use to understand why others have low confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine.

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based and culturally sensitive way to speak with unvaccinated individuals about getting vaccinated. The goal of motivational interviewing is to help people manage mixed feelings and move toward health behavior change that is consistent with their values and needs.


Objectives of this event include:

  • Strategies for how your nursing home can increase vaccine and booster rates for residents and staff
  • Criteria to become eligible for Telligen’s Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance Award

Please note: topics and objectives may vary weekly based on participant discussion


Nursing homes

*After the event, you can request presentation slides and other resources by emailing

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